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Pump Class Set - 20 W8LAND 20kg Studio Barbell Weight Sets with Rack

Pump Class Set - 20 W8LAND 20kg Studio Barbell Weight Sets with Rack

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Please note the photo of the storage rack includes the old style sets in the older colours. The pump sets included in this package are of the pink/blue/yellow style shown in the separate photos, not orange/green/yellow.


Studio Barbell Set Description:

The W8Land Studio Barbell set is a commercial quality 20KG set suitable for online, or group-based, classes.

This is the new, and improved, version on offer from our manufacturer and represents a step up in both quality and design versus their previous version, consisting of the orange, green and yellow plates that many will have seen in their local gym.

Each set consists of:

  • 1.25kg yellow Rubber Plates X 2;
  • 2.5kg blue Rubber Plates X 2;
  • 5kg pink Rubber Plates X 2;
  • 1.4m 30mm Barbell (one piece);
  • Spring Collars X 2;

Do not confuse these with the two, or three, piece barbells offered by retailers of many studio barbell sets. These are one-piece, iron-core barbells with a high-density, soft-touch, rubber handle. We are confident that you will not find a set of similar quality at these prices anywhere (please contact us if you do, even after purchase).

Storage Rack Description:

The HIT Fitness Pump Set Rack offers storage for up to 20 pump sets.  This robust & sleek design will sit perfectly in most gyms and bring a level of tidiness which can be difficult to attain when dealing with sets made up of so many components.  

The box situated in the centre at the bottom of the unit stores the pump bars and the pegs running across each horizontal slat -these are to be used for the pump weight plates & clamp collars.  


•Stores up to 20 pump sets

•Utilizes empty space on the gym floor

•Brings order to storage of pump sets

•Secure & robust for piece of mind 

•Sleek & minimal design in order to match most gyms

•Keeps pump sets from getting scrapped & scuffed

Please see below for specifications

Perfect to situate near where your bodypump classes take place this unit will not only help to keep your gym safe & tidy, helping to have segmentation to dedicated areas. 

•Dimensions:  167 x 177 x 72 cm 

•Gym Footprint:  177 x 72 cm

•Product Weight:  89kg

•Pump Set Capacity:  20

•Material:  Steel 

•Colour:  Black 

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